Northern Guilford High School
Greensboro, NC

Owner: Guilford County Schools



 In 2007 the Guilford County School System installed a living wetland at Northern Guilford High School to clean and reuse the school’s waste water. Stalite’s unique characteristics made it the ideal choice for use in the subsurface tidal cells of The Hybrid Wetland Living Machine® which were filled with 100% Stalite-PermaTill. Stalite’s high hydraulic conductivity allows fast, free drainage of filtered materials, it is sterile and inert and therefore environmentally friendly. Once the water has passed through the wetland system, it is used for irrigation.

 Wetland plants such as the iris and bull rush were planted in 100% Stalite-PermaTill with a shredded hardwood mulch. The nutrients in the effluent are removed by plant uptake and microbes living on the porous Stalite aggregates. The surface flow system provides the school with an outdoor space where they can pursue environmental studies and adds lush green space to the school.


The Hybrid Wetland Living Machine® was designed by Worrell Water Technologies, and installed by Spectrum Technologies