Discovery Place Green Roof Research Project
Charlotte, NC

Owner: City of Charlotte

Consultant: REI Engineers

Roofing Contractor: Cyclone Roofing

Roof System Supplier: Siplast

Sedum Mat System Supplier: Xeroflor

Plant Suppliers: Emery Knoll Farms & Carolina Stone Crop







In October 2006 a roof top adjacent to the parking deck at the Discovery Place Museum in Charlotte, NC became a proving ground for a non-irrigated green roof for the City of Charlotte. The research project took on a whole new direction during one of the most severe summer droughts in the city’s history. The prolonged drought of 2007 took its toll on the sedums. Only plants in the path of the condensation drainage from the HAVC units were able to establish growth. All others either died or went dormant. The second phase of the project began in October 2007 and included modifying the Xeroflor, modifying the Stalite blend to include 50% finer particles, replacing 3,000 plants, and adding a drip irrigation system. The summer of 2008 was also very dry but the drip irrigation system proved to be the answer to maintaining a southern green roof. By June the sedum plants were established and by August the plants had grown six to ten times the size they were when they were plugged. Spring of 2009 showed full development of roots and “filling in” of the spaces between plants.

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